Sarah Elle Emm, Novelist


“I knew from an early age writing was going to be a key to my happiness.”

~Sarah Elle Emm

Young-adult fantasy from the HARMONY RUN SERIES by Sarah Elle Emm

Praise for PRISMATIC…

“Throughout the book, Sarah Elle Emm does a brilliant job of describing life under an oppressive regime and how, even in the very worst of circumstances, love and hope can find a way.” 

~Katheryn Lane, author of Her Latin Lover

Now available from Winter Goose Publishing, Sarah Elle Emm’s PRISMATIC, from the HARMONY RUN SERIES.

Rare glimpses of birds are the only reminder of the freedoms Rain Hawkins once had.  Now segregated into a mixed-race zone within the United Zones of the Authority, under tyrannical rule of President Nicks, Rain is forced to endure the bleak conditions set upon her.  The possibility of a way out arises when Rain discovers an organized resistance called The Freedom Front, and learns that she, along with many other multi-racial people, has special abilities.  Determined to overcome her situation, Rain sets out on a mission with the resistance that will fill her life with wonder, romance, and the undying hope for a better world.

Available in paperback and e-books at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The sequel to PRISMATIC, OPALESCENT, Now available…

OPALESCENT, Harmony Run Series, Book Two…

 Still enslaved in a mixed-race zone within the United Zones of the Authority, Rain Hawkins is part of a secret resistance preparing to take on the tyrannical President Nicks before plans to kill the mixed zones across UZTA are executed. When unsettling dreams and a mysterious voice begin to haunt the dark nights, Rain fears someone more powerful than she has discovered the resistance and their secret abilities. With a known Authority spy on her heels, and her boyfriend, Jabari, suddenly acting strange, Rain doesn’t know who to trust and if the voices calling to her are friend or foe. As conditions across all of the zones get worse and the stakes rise, Rain embarks on a quest for answers that will put the people she cares about most in more danger or take them one step closer to the truth and their eventual freedom.

OPALESCENT NOW available (Released FEBRUARY 2013) from Winter Goose Publishing



In the wake of an interrogation led by the UZTA’s dictator, President Nicks, Rain Hawkins and her friends must deal with the consequences of their defiance as the countdown continues towards the execution of the mixed-zone citizens across the United Zones of The Authority. The Freedom Front faces new challenges as Rain’s cousin, Calista, prepares for her impending relocation to the pure zone, and Rain sets out to solve the mystery surrounding her mother’s torment while being followed by an officer of the Elizabeth Guard. As she uses her abilities to dodge The Authority and follows the strange clues from her dreams, Rain is determined to persevere, to secure the future she and Jabari have been fighting for, and to earn The Freedom Front’s ultimate goal of liberation.

Available in Paperback and Ebook at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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Also available by Sarah Elle Emm…

A Sarah Elle Emm Novel


With constant criticism from her BFF, Buckhead heiress and bride-to-be, Missy Martin, and a short temper on the rise from her attorney husband, Ben, how is Georgia native, Tate Sullivan supposed to kick her in-the-closet-nicotine habit?  The ultimate balancing act, Tate copes with sleep-deprived night shifts, her mother’s interfering behavior, and her ongoing attempt to educate Missy about not making borderline racist remarks about anyone who doesn’t have money or look like her.  When a collision with a runaway Golden Retriever lands Tate in the arms of newcomer to Atlanta, Dr. Jackson Greenfield, Tate begins to think her mother has concocted an elaborate scheme.  Wedding planning has never been so nerve-racking…or dangerous.

“Sarah Elle Emm captures the world of wedding planning for a particular Georgia princess, but sublimely reveals all that is so often forgotten in that process-love and marriage.” ~The Publisher

MARRYING MISSY is available in paperback and e-books at Amazon and Barnes and Noble


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