Young-adult Fantasy from the HARMONY RUN SERIES

Young-adult Fantasy from the HARMONY RUN SERIES

by Sarah Elle Emm

Praise for PRISMATIC…

“Throughout the book, Sarah Elle Emm does a brilliant job of describing life under an oppressive regime and how, even in the very worst of circumstances, love and hope can find a way.” 

~Katheryn Lane, author of Her Latin Lover

Now available from Winter Goose Publishing, Sarah Elle Emm’s PRISMATIC, from the HARMONY RUN SERIES.

Rare glimpses of birds are the only reminder of the freedoms Rain Hawkins once had.  Now segregated into a mixed-race zone within the United Zones of the Authority, under tyrannical rule of President Nicks, Rain is forced to endure the bleak conditions set upon her.  The possibility of a way out arises when Rain discovers an organized resistance called The Freedom Front, and learns that she, along with many other multi-racial people, has special abilities.  Determined to overcome her situation, Rain sets out on a mission with the resistance that will fill her life with wonder, romance, and the undying hope for a better world.

Available in paperback and e-books at Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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The sequel to PRISMATIC, OPALESCENT, NOW AVAILABLE, from Winter Goose Publishing.

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